Dickie Tilton Music and Photography

Dick-Tilton3I’ve played all my life - since I was seven. Jazz called me early on, and I put together a group in high school (back in Maine) that included budding composer Stuart Saunders Smith on drums, and bassist/future bowmaker George Rubino. I knocked around with a few rock bands, did some studio work - always as a sideman, and held management positions with synth makers ARP, KORG, and NED/ Synclavier. I’ve opened for everybody from Ted Nugent to Livingston Taylor. I’ve played at Madison Square Garden, The Philadelphia Civic Center, Boston Garden, the Bermuda Folk Club... I even did a spot on QVC - the Shopping Network! Over the past decade or so, I gravitated toward the blues, and recommitted to my music - and photography.

I bought my first camera in 1972, and was instantly hooked. I shot hundreds of rolls of film, learning about taking pictures the old-fashioned way. I never got into darkroom work, so I printed very few of those early images. In the late nineties, I acquired a primitive film scanner (one of the best at the time...), and an Epson printer - one of the first to make decent prints with fairly permanent inks. I was then able to convert my slides and negatives to digital images I could process and print. My work improved almost instantly, since I could make far better prints than even a good photo lab. I soon learned how to make prints with details and colors that would take hours to develop in a traditional darkroom.

In 2002, I moved to Maui. Inspired by the beauty around me, and by trips to Vietnam and British Columbia, I bought my first digital camera. I was then able to take a shot, process the image with software, and make a print - all in the same day if I wanted! Now that I’ve taken more than 30,000 digital images, my photography has matured. I’ve come to see that what I really love is the finished print, ready to be hung on a wall. In fact, I now consider myself a printmaker, as well as a musician.

 I’m still living in Maui with the girl of my dreams, traveling every summer, and making music and prints. I designed this website to introduce my first solo piano recording - and to promote my printmaking. It’s about time - so I’ve been told.


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